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Many extol the benefits of HIIT, or high-intensity interval training. However, it may not suit everyone. It's worth considering the much-overlooked option – low impact exercise.


HIIT is a general term that can be applied to many exercises. The key is to work out at a high intensity for a short time, and then rest for a short time.


HIIT does take its toll on your joints and isn't ideal for the injured, sick, or people with lower stamina.


Low impact exercise is about minimising the strain on the body. This style of exercise still works the muscles and the cardiovascular system. It simply lessens the impact that the joints feel.


Low impact is the best choice for many people, including:


  • Anyone with joint damage or injuries
  • Anyone dealing with chronic injury or illnesses
  • Older people with a high risk of developing joint problems
  • Overweight or obese people
  • People with low energy levels
  • Any type of beginning exerciser




Swimming is a great option for those with injuries. The water takes the weight off joints, allowing you to exercise without straining them.


Other health benefits include:



Swimming at a moderate pace burns between 420-630 calories per hour.




Walking is the cheapest low-impact exercise there is – simply lace up your shoes and go.


Other health benefits include:



Walking burns between 200-300 calories per hour at a slow pace, or 310-470 at a moderate pace.




Yoga is the practice of asanas, or postures, as a form of gentle exercise. It is generally a mix of stretching and strengthening postures.


Health benefits include:



Yoga burns between 180-430 calories per hour, depending on the style practised.




Pilates is a system of fitness designed to improve balance, core strength and flexibility. It also focuses on incorporating the mind into the workout through breathing and concentration.

Its health benefits include:

Pilates performed at a moderate level burns around 360 calories per hour.

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