#Transformation: Maricruz’s Story

Transformation's: Maricruz's Story

Our #Transformation series highlights remarkable stories of people who have made positive steps to improve their health or well-being. We talk with them and discuss the methods they used, why they did it, and advice they could give for anyone going through a similar situation. 

26-year-old Kansas native, Maricruz began her fitness journey in 2014, following the end of her 7-year marriage “I started overeating and going out to drink every Friday and every other weekend.” In late 2014 Maricruz decided to make the change and sign up to the gym. Three years later and with over 80 lbs lost she’s in the best shape of her life! We caught up with Maricruz to talk about how the changes she made have helped her for the better.

ZeeFit Health: Why did you choose running as your sport of choice?

Maricruz: I initially didn’t choose running as my first choice to get healthy/lose weight. My friends invited me to join a run group to train for a 10k, I had never run a race in my life but decided it couldn’t hurt. After running my first race I fell in love with running and I wanted to start collecting medals lol.

ZH: What advice would you give someone who was in your position in 2014?

Maricruz: The advice I would give someone would be to not give up even when the progress is slow. It takes time to get the results you want and be able to keep them. The journey will help us become stronger and more disciplined. Do it for yourself and your happiness/health. If you fall get back up and keep going no one can stop you except yourself. And you never know who you might inspire with your journey.

ZH: How do you manage your time to exercise but also maintain working and being a parent?

Maricruz: Well, my life is pretty busy due to working full time, being a mom, playing soccer and working out, but I always manage to get it done. I will either get up early and work out before taking my daughter to school and starting work or I will work out in the evenings (mainly run). The way I see it is if there is a want there is a way.

ZH: How do you stay focused? 

Maricruz: Staying focused and motivated can get hard especially when I don’t see the results right away. I’ve had friends and family reach out to me saying they admire my hard work and are proud that I am still going. I was even told by my roommate that he brags about my weight loss to people lol. Currently, I am helping two friends with their fitness journey and that is helping me to stay motivated with mine and not look like the “coach” who isn’t getting anything done!

ZH: What is the “end goal”? Is there one?

Maricruz:  At the beginning of this journey my end goal had been to reach 155lbs well I’ve passed that and I no longer have a number set as a goal. I just want to continue this lifestyle and see where it takes me. I want to be able to wear whatever clothes I want and feel confident.

ZeeFit Health would like to thank Maricruz for sharing her story and helping to inspire others. You can follow Maricruz’s journey via her Instagram page: @Maricruzm_09.